Here you can read a little bit about our searches. Some are successful, others are not..However, our phone lines never stop, with over 20 calls a week on average, often late at night, where we give help and advice to all those cases where we cannot get a search dog to them. Usually this is because the last sighting of the dog was several weeks ago, or because the missing dog is a long way out of our area and we are not able to get a handler there at that time.
March 2015 "thankyou to Sam for all her help both over the phone and on the ground. Sadly our family pet was killed in a road accident before Sam found her, but we will always be grateful for helping find her body so we had peace of mind in knowing where she was after 2 days missing. " Lockwood family
February 2015 Ithanks for finding badger, he probably wouldn't have survived a night out on the clifftops. your help was invaluable and Ive forwarded a donation to K9 search Dogs for their help
November 2014 I can't tell you how happy I am to have my little lady back home! A huge thank you to forager and Sam for a eventful afternoon and bringing my dog back safely to me! I cannot recommend them enough ......Karla Wrightx
Oct 03 2014 "I hope to goodness I never need you but it is reassuring to know you are there and doing such amazing things " Nicola Cretney
02 Oct 2014 "thankfully our dog is now safe, we will keep your details, its reassuring to know you are there" Anna Palm
Sept 28 2014 "every dog owner should know about the amazing work you and your dogs do." . KM
Sept 14 2014 cant thankyou enough for all the help and just for being there when i was in tears. Wilma is home and I know you couldnt help search as we were so far away but your advise on how to find her was spot on and if it happens again we will ring you 1st" Pete and Madelaine Rochester
03 July 2014 Thankyou for all your help getting oscar back your advise was perfect Ithink what you do is amazing. Lynn and Oscar
01 June 2014 "its fantastic to know you guys are around" Helen Jura
24 May 2014 "thankyou for loaning us the trap that enabled us to get Sidney back and for being on the end of the phone at all times of the night when no one else would help us." Sidney and his relieved mummy
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