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Fundraising and training, the never ending circle.

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The need to be constantly putting the word out about K9SD, means we have to print leaflets and have a presence at local events, and this in turn all costs money, so we then spend time fund raising. We now have a nice little show set up which is all donated/loaned so thats great, and it means we can get out there and let people meet the hounds when they are relaxed, and tell them about the charity. We have now been signed up with easyfundraising and this certainly looks like a great way forward. its so easy to register, and once youve done that (its free) any online shopping from any of their 2700 or so participating shops, will generate a donation to K9. So please register with them and help us the easy way.
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Training continues with urban training last week, and some Dartmoor training this week. Every location has new challenges for the boys, and they all have their own niche areas.....Baffle likes tracking on the moor, Forager likes urban tracking......Jara just loves any tracking!!!
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