How you can help

Help with Training
If you own a friendly dog who likes other dogs, then we would love you to get involved by walking your dog on set routes for the hounds to train on. Its good fun, your dog gets a walk, and you are really doing something useful. You can see some of our regular training buddies in the photogallery.
We train regularly in the West Devon area and also once a month in Totnes and Plymouth areas. Interested? Please get in touch via the contact page.

Help on searches
We have a list of volunteers who are able at short notice, to assist the handlers on real searches. This can involve helping at night in remote locations so you need to be confident walking distances over rough terrain, able to do basic map reading and over 18 years old. Handler assistants help with liasing on the search, map reading, lighting at night, road marshalling,radio comms etc. If this is something you feel you could get involved with please use the contact page on this website.

Raise money for K9 Search Dogs

Fund raising

The day to day costs of maintaing the hounds in training are funded entirely by their owners, and everyone involved gives their time voluntarily and fits training in around their busy lives.
However, the costs of providing equipment, and covering ourselves with public liability insurance for the training and work of K9 search bloodhounds, is not cheap. We also need to raise funds to cover the fuel costs of taking the hounds to the search locations, so fundraising is an ongoing project for us!
If you would like to donate to our "not for profit" charitable organisation, you are welcome to do so by paypal or cheque. There is a PayPal donate button at the bottom of this page.

One of the best things you can do for K9SD though, is to sign up to "easy fundraising" by clicking here. its free to sign up and everytime you shop online with one of the companies that support easyfundraising, the company will make a donation to K9. It doesnt cost you a penny but it helps K9 hugely.

There are also fundraising items such as car window stickers that you can buy to show your support, on our "shop" page.
We have already held several successful fund raising events, but we need to have more. If you or your group are interested in running a fund raiser/event for us, or if you are looking for a charity to support, then we will be delighted to work with you on this. We are happy to bring hounds to your event so people can meet them and hear about the work they do.

We also get donations from the recycle4charity group and you can register here and just choose k9 searchdogs as your charity. This is another great way to help K9SD without having to spend a penny yourself, plus you are helping the environment at same time!

Donation Boxes
We have our distinctive orange collection boxes in several locations. If your shop or business would like to have one on your counter, please let us know and we will arrange one to be sent to you. Your business will then be linked to our "supporters" page, so you will get some free advertising too.

Our Amazon Wish list, by purchasing things from the wish list it helps us with the smaller items that are never the less essential to our team being operational. click here to see our current wishlist

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