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Many pet owners know the worry of a dog escaping from their garden or running off on a walk, and going missing, and have had to rely on friends and family to search the area in the hope of finding their missing pet. Now, for the first time in the UK, three bloodhounds are being trained specifically for tracking lost or missing dogs.

It all started because Sam Clark, who trains bloodhounds to search for humans, was getting many calls and emails from frantic dog owners, hoping that her bloodhounds could help track down their missing pets. She always had to disappoint people, and try to explain to them her hounds were trained only to track humans. Sam then saw bloodhounds trained as Canine search dogs in the USA, where they have a very high success rate in tracking and successfully reuniting all missing and lost pets (not just dogs), and she decided to start training a bloodhound for this specific purpose in the UK, and along with a group of likeminded friends, formed a charity that would promote the service and encourage people to get involved.

Sadly we are not able to respond to calls to search for cats or tortoises or any animal other than DOGS or humans.

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